Hydroseeded Lawn Instructions




phone number graphicsmallThank you for choosing St. Louis Hydroseeding for your Hydroseeding project. Your new lawn has every thing it needs to give it a good start – the highest quality grass seed, fertilizer and mulch. We use a seed blend formulated for St. Louis area lawns, and a high quality, balanced starter fertilizer. The mulch is cellulose/fiber blend with a non-toxic green dye (the dye will not stain). The mulch helps retain moisture and protects the seed, this will decompose to a natural fertilizer. St. Louis Hydroseeding also ads a custom mix of water retention material and surfactant for plant nutrition absortion and surface tension elimination along with a commercial grade bio-stimulant and vitamin supplement. By following our maintenance instructions below, your lawn can provide you with the beauty, value and results you desire.

Proper watering of your Hydroseeded lawn is essential for germination and starting your lawn off correctly. It is critical to follow these watering instructions.

Water frequently enough to keep moisture in the soil. Depending on weather, temperature and soil type, your lawn may need to be watered several times per day. Cool, damp days may only need one watering per day whereas hot summer days may need watering 3-4 times per day. It may be helpful to use an electronic water timer if no one is home during the day. GrassHoppers would be happy to provide you with one or more units.

Too little water slows the establishment of the grass. If the seed starts to germinate and is allowed to dry out, the seedlings will die.

Too much water can cause puddling and washouts. Once germinated, too much water can cause the grass seedlings to have a weak root system (due to not enough oxygen and nutrition being absorbed by the roots). This slows establishment and can result in a sparse lawn, a clue is a very light green color in your lawn.

After the first or second mowing, reduce the frequency of watering to 1-3 times per week, depending on weather conditions. Watering less frequently and for a longer period of time promotes deeper rooting.

The seed should germinate in 5-10 days under optimum conditions. Under adverse conditions it may take 14-21 days to germinate.

Your new lawn should be mowed when the grass blades are 3 1/2” high. This is usually about 4-6 weeks after seeding. Mow to a height of 2 1/2”.

A good rule of thumb is to never mow off more than one third of the height of the grass in any one mowing. Should the grass get too tall before it is mowed, raise the mower cutting height and work back down to the proper height over the next couple mowings.

Mow frequently. Mowing encourages the formation of tillers (branching out at the base of the plant). Increased tillering means your lawn fills in more quickly.

Be careful when mowing a newly seeded lawn. Keep your mower blades sharp for a clean cut. Set the mower at a slower speed to reduce the chance of pulling or “sucking up” seedlings.

Your new lawn has been Hydroseeded with a starter fertilizer. • It is highly recommended that you choose to take advantage of St. Louis Hydroseeding’s custom designed fertilizer  program.  With the amount of healthy grass you now have growing, it will require the correct nutrition and you will most certainly want to keep it looking great. If you choose to try it on your own,  apply a balanced fertilizer, such as 16-16-16, or a starter fertilizer after the first or second mowing. Follow the manufacture’s recommended rates. Apply the fertilizer when the lawn is dry then water thoroughly to reduce the chance of burning. Once your lawn is established, follow a fertilizer maintenance program. Fertilize 4-7 times per year.

Keep people and pet traffic OFF for first month and to a minimum for the first 2-3 months.

We have Hydroseeded your lawn with a grass seed mixture free of weed seeds. Weed seeds present in the soil can grow in your lawn area. DO NOT use any herbicides (weed killers) on your lawn for at least three months. Although products such as Weed-B-Gone and Weed n’ Feed are meant to kill broadleaf weeds, not grasses, they can harm the tender new grass seedlings. If you need weed control after three months, we recommend an herbicide spray rather than a Weed n’ Feed for two reasons: 1) you can target areas in the lawn rather than apply the herbicide to the whole lawn and 2) a spray gives better coverage of the weed than a dry granular product.

Our promise to you is to be your complete source of information. We will use our full resources to aid you on site planning, preparation, growth and maintenance of your lawn to best achieve the desired results. We promise to supply only the best in seed and materials suited to match your site, intended use and desired results. We will Hydroseed your lawn in a neat, professional, timely manner with certified, friendly applicators. We will quickly respond to any of your concerns or questions. If you have questions or if we can provide further information to help you with your maintenance program, please feel free to contact us on