Our Guarantee

Guarantee: St. Louis Hydroseeding

images-4guarantees to our customers that we use the highest quality materials available for the hydro seeding process. Top quality seed is applied in a mixture of water, high phosphorus fertilizer, hydro mulch, tackifier and other additives. The hydro seed slurry is applied evenly to your prepared soil using the most advanced hydro seeding equipment at the appropriate rates. If the lawn does not germinate within 30 days of application (weather permitting) due to product failure or workmanship, those portions of the lawn that have not germinated will be re-seeded one time at no charge under the following conditions:

Potential problems must be brought to our attention within 30 days of application. An automatic irrigation system must be installed and in working order at time of seeding. This system must be capable of adequately keeping all hydro seeded areas moist during the germination period. St. Louis Hydroseeding is not responsible for weed competition or eradication. Not responsible for acts of nature, vandalism, pet/human traffic, diseases or anything else beyond our control including drought, torrential rains or any other weather related conditions.

It is the responsibility of the customer to provide the proper care for their new lawn as required. Be sure to follow all directions provided on how to care for your new lawn.