Lawn Renovation

9055_4899107471723_1210338669_n-1Our renovation process includes eliminating all the weeds and grass in your existing lawn, then replacing it with a new variety without tilling, grading, or any of the other tasks involved in installing a new lawn. This is generally the best solution when you don’t need to replace the soil.  If the grass is in poor condition and cannot be salvaged simply by changing your maintenance practices or following an annual lawn program we recommend renovating. If more than 50% of the lawn has thinned, the lawn was established with a poor quality grass species, or is infested with perennial grass weeds-it’s also time to renovate.  If your soil is in poor condition, heavily compacted and/or eroded – additional soil is recommended.



179736_4902523557123_241899459_n-1Grass seed isn’t the only type of seed that we apply this way. Wildflowers can be hydroseeded for a burst of color. Wildflower seed can be selected for full sun, shade, or partial shade conditions. Our top quality wildflowers make a wonderful transition from a yard to a wooded area or in community areas of subdivisions. They will self-seed, creating a display for years to come. We often install native grasses along with a variety of wildflowers.





Erosion control

IMG_2707St. Louis Hydroseeding provides methods of controlling wind or water erosion in agriculture, land development and construction. Effective erosion controls are important techniques in preventing water pollution and soil loss.

 Stricter regulations and tougher mandates from local governments, we offer customers effective and economical ways to control erosion and establish vegetation.

Hydroseeding is an economical and effective way to control erosion and reduce site runoff.  Our mixture of premium wood mulch, polyester locking fibers, tackifier, seed, and soil amendments sprayed onto slopes is often more economical than applying blankets and, is just as effective. In some circumstances straw wattles and/or reinforced vegetation mats are utilized.